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Our clients represent a very broad spectrum of businesses in Cyprus, both local and from abroad. Their main fields of operation are agriculture, amusement games, commercial and industrial, estate, hotels and tourism, investment, professional and technical, property development, shipping etc.

Here is a sample of clients:

Michaeloudis Bros

Amusement games
Libra Video Games
Louis Georgiades & Co. Ltd.
Magic Video Games

Commercial and Industrial
Antoniadou Thekla
Apollo Engineering Co. Ltd.
C. V. Philippou Ltd.
Electrochemical Engineering Ltd.
Gircotis & Achilleos Ltd.
Gold (Promotions) Ltd.
Havards Enterprises (Cyprus ) Ltd.
Kypros Economides
Kypros Economides (Enterprises) Ltd.
L & S Discount Stores Ltd.
Lefkaritis Group of Companies
Phillippou Costakis
Polyurethane Foam Products Ltd.
Site Wide Management Ltd.
Stavros Art (Succesors) Ltd.

Eurogrecian Maritime Co. Ltd.
Famagusta Citrus Waste Control Co. Ltd.
P & F Property Restorations Ltd.
Sonantoly Ltd
Tony Mantovani Estates Ltd
Zena Company Ltd
Hotels and Tourism
Atrium Zenon Co. (Atrium Hotel Apartments)
A L. Mantovani & Sons Ltd.
Mantovani Properties Ltd.
Ph. Achilleos Hotels Ltd.
Tsialis Hotel Apartments Ltd.
V and B Leisure Enterprises Ltd.
Witt Investments Ltd.

Kypros Economides (Investments)
Kypros & Syneteri Ltd.
Manimis Ltd.

Professional & Technical
M. Philotas and Associates
M. Philotas Valuations Ltd.
Meletitiko Grafio Plegma

Property development
Academia Development Co. Ltd.
Akamia Estates Ltd.
C.A.S Krassa Holdings Ltd.
George Ioannou & Sons Ltd.
Kassos & Fam Ltd.
Photios Achilleos Developers Ltd.

Provident Funds
Lefkaritis Bros Ltd.
Petrolina Ltd.
Gircotis & Achilleos Ltd
A L. Mantovani & Sons Ltd.
Polyurethane Foam Products Ltd.

Shipping and Shipping Agency
Lefkaritis Group – Shipping Companies
Mantovani Navigation Ltd.

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